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Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

The CEMS department is home to two undergraduate programs: Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering. Both are highly ranked by various rating surveys. The department prides itself on its devotion to undergraduate education and its dedication to the pursuit of excellence. Our inspiring faculty, helpful staff, and enriching research opportunities all make an undergraduate career in our department an enlightening experience.

In Chemical Engineering, students learn the scientific and engineering principles underlying six major aspects: balances of material and energy; thermodynamics of physical and chemical equilibria; transport of heat, mass, and momentum; reaction kinetics and reactor analysis; separation operations; and process dynamics and control. In Materials Science and Engineering, students are taught the four major elements of materials engineering: structure, properties, processing, and performance of engineering materials (including metals and alloys, ceramics, polymers, semiconductors and composites).

In both programs, courses and laboratories are designed to prepare students for employment in associated industries as well as for entering graduate programs. Problem solving, teamwork, effective communication, ethical responsibilities are emphasized.

Graduate Program

With its pacesetting research and education program in chemical engineering encompassing reaction engineering, multiphase flow, statistical mechanics, polymer science and bioengineering, our department was the first to foster a far-reaching marriage of the Chemical Engineering and Materials Science programs into an integrated department. For the past few decades, the chemical engineering program has been consistently ranked as the top graduate program in the country by the National Research Council and other ranking surveys.