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Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Program

The Chemical Engineering Program at the University of Minnesota is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET (  The department graduates about 100 students with bachelor's degrees in Chemical Engineering each year.  The core courses in the Chemical Engineering program are team taught by several faculty members. The organizing professor lectures three times a week to the entire class, and the class is split into smaller recitation sections for twice-weekly discussion and problem-solving meetings with a faculty member. Our team teaching approach puts the students and faculty in closer contact to the mutual benefit of both.

Professor Satish Kumar

Director of Undergraduate Studies for Chemical Engineering

Upper Division Undergraduate Advisor
Office: 201 Amundson Hall
Phone: 612-625-2558

Professor Raul Caretta

Principal Faculty Advisor (PFA)

Office: 151B Amundson Hall
Phone: 612-625-8805

Laura Ericksen

Assistant to the Directors of Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Advising Appointments
Office: 151BB Amundson Hall
Phone: 612-626-5762