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CEMS Graduate Program

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota has been renowned for its pioneering scholarly work and for its influence in graduate education for the past half-century. Our department has produced numerous legendary engineering scholars and current leaders in both academia and industry.

The department has been thriving on its ability to foster interdisciplinary efforts in research and education; most, if not all of our active faculty members are engaged in intra- or interdepartmental research projects. The extensive collaboration among faculty members in research and education and the high level of co-advising of graduate students and research fellows serves to cross-fertilize new ideas and stimulate innovation.

Our education and training are known not only for rigorously delving into specific and in-depth subjects, but also for their breadth and global perspectives. The widely ranging collection of high-impact research projects in these world-renowned laboratories provides students with a unique experience, preparing them for careers that are both exciting and rewarding.

Professor Russell J. Holmes

Director of Graduate Studies, Materials Science and Engineering

Office: 404 Amundson Hall
Phone: 612-624-9058

Professor Yiannis Kaznessis

Director of Graduate Studies, Chemical Engineering

Office: 253 Amundson Hall
Phone: 612-624-4197

Julie Prince

Program Associate

Office: 289 Amundson Hall
Phone: 612-625-0382