Alumnus showcases Polyarc reactor as new catalyst-based technology

June 4, 2015 - Dr. Andrew Jones (ChemE, Chemistry '09) recently returned to campus to present a special seminar on Activated Research Company (ARC), a company he co-founded with former Proto Labs CEO and fellow University of Minnesota alumnus Brad Cleveland (M.S. CSci '95) and showcase their first product, the Polyarc reactor. This 3D printed, catalyst-based technology improves GC/FID analysis by converting all compounds into methane, after the column and before the FID, thereby eliminating all calibrations. The Polyarc reactor also allows researchers to quantify compounds previously undetectable by a GC/FID system. This technology was first proposed by Professor Paul Dauenhauer in "Quantitative carbon detector (QCD) for calibration-free, high-resolution characterization of complex mixtures" in the journal Lab on a Chip.

Pictured with Dr. Jones (center) are colleagues Kim Herzog (ChemE '09) and current chemical engineering undergraduate Anthony Tabet. Herzog leads ARC's product commercialization efforts and Tabet is a technology development engineer this summer, working on Polyarc and other catalytic technologies ARC aims to bring to market soon.

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