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Sept. 1, 2020 - CEMS faculty members Chris Ellison, Vivian Ferry, and Andre Mkhoyan (pictured, from left to right) have earned promotions effective AY 2020-21. Ellison and Mkhoyan have been promoted to the rank of professor and Ferry has been promoted to the rank of associate professor with tenure.

Professor Ellison's research is in the area of polymer science and engineering. Specific research topics include structure, dynamics and processing of micro- and nano-structured polymers, light-activated chemistries for thin film patterning and fiber manufacturing, and synthesis/engineering of more sustainable materials.

Associate Professor Ferry's research program broadly studies the interaction between light and nanostructured materials, and particularly focuses on nanoscale chiral materials, light management in photovoltaics, and tunable metamaterials.

Professor Mkhoyan's research uses powerful atomic-resolution scanning and transmission electron microscopes (STEM) to study nanoscale materials and discover unique materials properties and new physics. Also, he is working on developing new STEM-based techniques to push boundaries of experimental capabilities.

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