CEMS research team wins 2018 TechConnect Innovation Award

April 27, 2018 - A research team led by Professor Bharat Jalan, including CEMS graduate students Abhinav Prakash and Tianqi Wang, has been recognized as a 2018 TechConnect Innovation Awardee for their technology, “Transparent Conducting Oxide Film – Indium Tin Oxide Alternative." The group will be honored at the TechConnect World Conference in Anaheim, California in May 2018. The TechConnect Innovation Awards selects the top early-stage innovations from around the world through an industry-review process of the top 20% of annually submitted technologies into the TechConnect World Conference. Rankings are based on the potential positive impact the submitted technology will have on a specific industry sector.

The research team developed a new transparent thin film oxide semiconductor material that offers the highest recorded conductivity for its class. This was enabled by development of a novel synthesis approach for the synthesis of indium-free doped barium tin stannate (BSO) for use as a transparent conductive oxide (TCO). The value of conductivity achieved is comparable to that of the best reported value for indium-tin-oxide (ITO), the industry standard for transparent conducting oxide and has outstanding potential for further improvements. While other approaches have demonstrated the promise of Lanthanum-doped BSO as a replacement for ITO, these approaches lack reproducibility and the material produced has lower conductivity and transparency. The novel synthesis approach involves using a chemical precursor for tin as a substitute for a solid tin source in a hybrid molecular beam epitaxy system. The advantages include better structural quality of the films, scalable growth rates and exceptional reproducibility. The nanoscale material could lead to smaller, quicker and more powerful electronics as well as more efficient solar cells. This work was supported by the AFOSR YIP program, NSF, and the RDF Fund of the Institute on the Environment (UMN).

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