CEMS Researchers Set New Record in Electrically-Controlled Magnetic Device

Dec. 5, 2018 - CEMS researchers in Prof. Chris Leighton’s group, working in collaboration with the U of M School of Physics and Astronomy, Iowa State University, and Oak Ridge National Lab, have recently achieved a new record for performance of an important type of spintronic device. The device, termed an electrolyte-gate transistor, has enabled electrostatic control of the Curie temperature of a magnetic oxide material over a window of 150 degrees, setting a new record. This research, funded primarily by the National Science Foundation Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (, aims to enable electrical control over magnetic materials, a long sought-after goal in spintronics, for memory and computing applications. Neutron scattering, funded by the Department of Energy Center for Quantum Materials ( was used to directly observe the magnetic changes in the CEMS device. The research was recently published as a Rapid Communication Article in the journal Physical Review Materials ( More details can be found at

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