Flannigan research featured in Journal of Materials Research special issue

Oct. 17, 2016 - Assistant Professor David Flannigan's research on "Multimodal visualization of the optomechanical response of silicon cantilevers with ultrafast electron microscopy" has been published in the Journal of Materials Research and will be included in a special issue entitled "Early Career Scholars in Materials Science" in January 2017. With inclusion in the special issue, Flannigan will be recognized within the materials world as one of the leading early career scholars.

Flannigan's research states that micro- and nanoscale cantilevers are widely studied for potential applications in ultra-precise sensing and measurement. As sizes have shrunk and applications have evolved, interest in remote modulation of cantilever motion with light has increased. From this, many questions about the fundamentals of their time-dependent motion have arisen. In their paper, Flannigan, along with graduate student Dan Cremons and former postdoc David Valley, describe an approach to studying the optomechanical structural response of single-crystal silicon cantilevers in real space and real time. For the first time, they combined multiple structural characterization methods extended to the nanosecond time scale to paint a picture of the photo-induced motion from the atomic to the micrometer scale. With the combined methods, they discovered the presence of localized high-frequency modes that do not match those predicted with linear elastic modeling. Further, they were able to probe very small points within the cantilevers and spatially isolate specific vibrational modes, unlike in all-optical measurements that are unable to pinpoint specific mode location.

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