Flannigan research in "Up-and-Coming Series" of Chemistry of Materials

April 30, 2015 - Professor David Flannigan and graduate students Dayne Plemmons and Pranav Suri had their invited paper published in Chemistry of Materials as part of the journal's "Up-and-Coming Series." In "Probing the Structural and Electronic Dynamics with Ultrafast Electron Microscopy" the authors describe the emergence and advancement of ultrafast electron microscopy (UEM) as a means to directly probe the transient structures and electronic dynamics of materials, from the atomic to mesoscale with up to femtosecond temporal resolution. The paper further describes how the three main regimes of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) - imaging (real space), diffraction (reciprocal space), and spectroscopy (energy space) - have been extended into the ultrafast domain. Through the remarkable breadth of research enabled by modern TEMs, Flannigan's work extends into the femtosecond domain, allowing for new insights and details about atomic-scale materials dynamics to be discovered.

The goal of the "Up-and-Coming Series" of Perspectives in Chemistry of Materials, according to Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Jillian M. Buriak, is to "hear what is up-and-coming from the front lines of research in the chemistry of materials directly from the researchers who themselves are up-and-coming". Preference for extending invitations for this series is given to topics that are rapidly emerging, growing, and evolving.

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