Joint Safety Team featured in Journal of Chemical Education

May 22, 2020 - An article on the Joint Safety Team was published in the Journal of Chemical Education. The article, "The Joint Safety Team at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities: A Model for Student-Led Safety," was written by Adeline Espinasse, Ashish Jayaraman, Spencer Reisbeck, Celina Harris, Yangming Kou, Hongyun Xu, Constance Anderson, Taysir Bader, and Anna Sitek.

According to the article's abstract, "The Joint Safety Team (JST) was conceived in 2012 by the Departments of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Chemistry at the University of Minnesota and the Dow Chemical Company as a model student-led safety organization. The JST initiative was aimed at improving academic safety through four core areas: compliance, awareness, resources, and education. Since its inception, the JST has taken great strides to develop a culture of peer-led safety at Minnesota. We describe the evolution of the structure of the organization over the last 8 years and the innovative methodologies employed by the JST to educate and evaluate safety in academic laboratories. The continuous efforts of the student members of the JST have enabled the organization to be recognized as a leader in peer-to-peer safety. The Minnesota model of “inform and reform” is now being adopted at other academic institutions to develop safety organizations emulating the JST."

Click on the link below to read the full article. In addition, a subset of the JST public relations committee wrote a sister paper, "Learning Experience Reports Improve Academic Research Safety" ( along with this featured article, as part of the same special issue on Chemical Safety Education: Methods, Culture, and Green Chemistry.

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