Shroff and Kokkoli research featured on cover of ChemNanoMat

Jan. 14, 2016 - Collaborative research by Dr. Kamlesh Shroff and Professor Efie Kokkoli was featured on a cover of a recent issue of ChemNanoMat, a materials chemistry journal covering all aspects of the chemistry of nanomaterials and their interdisciplinary applications. Their notable research involved combining stealth liposomes with single-tail peptide-amphiphiles that provided receptor-specific binding and cell internalization while also inducing the thermosensitive properties of the liposomes.

The resulting peptide-functionalized liposomes, featured in ChemNanoMat, outperformed commercially available thermosensitive formulations in terms of cell binding and intracellular temperature-triggered release in vitro, and showed increased release in vivo after treating the liver of a mouse with mild hyperthermia via a dual-mode ultrasound array. The in vivo study was performed in collaboration with Professors D. Liu and E.S. Ebbini (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Professor R.N. Aravalli (Radiology), C.L. Forster (BioNet, Clinical and Translational Science Institute), Dr. T. Pengo (University of Minnesota Informatics Institute) and Dr. M.A. Sanders (University Imaging Centers).

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