Andre Mkhoyan

Andre Mkhoyan

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  • Ph.D., Applied Physics, Cornell University, 2004.
  • M.S., Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell University, 2003.
  • B.Sc. (Hons.), Physics, Yerevan State University, Armenia, 1996.

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The Mkhoyan Lab is an analytical electron microscopy lab where research at the atomic scale is daily routine. When materials are so small that measuring their dimensions and observing their behavior require atomic-level precision, experimental tools with the same atomic-scale sensitivity are essential. The technological developments in creating nanomaterials and in electron microscopy with ultra-high-resolution capabilities have in recent years been converging on a common objective, promising to open a new field of intriguing possibilities.

TEM and dedicated analytical (S)TEM have recently reached a major milestone. With the advent of lens aberration correction, microscopes now achieve sub-Angstrom resolution. In combination with quantitative spectroscopy these microscopes provide unprecedented experimental capabilities.

The study of these "very small" materials promises to pave the way to new discoveries about their properties and the physical processes occurring inside them. In our lab not only do we address puzzling questions about what happens to materials at this scale, but also we kindle the scientific imagination to anticipate new questions that have heretofore never occurred.


  • 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award
  • Presidential Student Award, MSA

Selected Publications

  • K.-H. Liao, A. Mittal, S. Bose, C. Leighton, K.A. Mkhoyan, and C.W. Macosko, Aqueous Only Route toward Graphene from Graphite Oxide, ACS Nano 5, 1253 (2011).
  • M. J. Behr, K. A. Mkhoyan, and E. S. Aydil, Orientation and Morphological Evolution of Catalyst Nanoparticles During Carbon Nanotube Growth, ACS Nano, 4, 5087 (2010).
  • M. J. Behr, K. A. Mkhoyan, and E. S. Aydil, Catalyst rotation, twisting, and bending during multiwall carbon nanotube growth, Carbon 48, 3840 (2010).
  • K.A. Mkhoyan, A.W. Contryman, J. Silcox, D.A. Stewart, G. Eda, C. Mattevi, S. Miller, and M. Chhowalla, Atomic and Electronic Structure of Graphene-Oxide, Nano Lett. 9, 1058 (2009).
  • C. Mattevi, G. Eda, S. Agnoli, S. Miller, K.A. Mkhoyan, O. Celik, D. Mastrogiovanni, G. Granozzi, E. Garfunkel, M. Chhowalla, Evolution of Electrical, Chemical, and Structural Properties of Transparent and Conducting Chemically Derived Graphene Thin Films, Adv. Func. Mat. 19, 2577 (2009).
  • O. Ozatay, K.W. Tan, P.G. Gowtham, J.C. Read, K.A. Mkhoyan, et. al., Sidewall Oxide Effects on the Thermal Stability, Magnetic Damping and Low Temperature Reversal Characteristics of Thin Film Nanomagnets, Nature Materials 7, 567 (2008).
  • K.A. Mkhoyan, S.E. Maccagnano-Zacher, M.G. Thomas and J. Silcox, Critical role of inelastic scattering in quantitative electron microscopy, Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 025503 (2008).
  • K.A. Mkhoyan, S.E. Maccagnano-Zacher, E.J. Kirkland and J. Silcox, Effects of amorphous layer on high-resolution ADF-STEM imaging, Ultramicroscopy 108, 791 (2008); Effects of specimen tilt on high-resolution ADF-STEM imaging, Ultramicroscopy 108, 718 (2008).
  • K.A. Mkhoyan, T. Babinec, S.E. Maccagnano, E.J. Kirkland and J. Silcox, Separation of bulk and surface-losses in low-loss EELS measurements in STEM, Ultramicroscopy, 107, 345 (2007).
  • K.A. Mkhoyan, P.E. Batson, J. Cha, W.J. Schaff and J. Silcox, Direct Determination of Local Lattice Polarity in Crystals, Science 312, 1354 (2006).
  • K.A. Mkhoyan, J. Silcox, A. Ellison, D. Ast, R. Dieckmann, Full recovery of electron damage in glass at ambient temperatures, Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 205506 (2006).
  • K.A. Mkhoyan, J. Silcox, M.A. McGuire and F.J. DiSalvo, Radiolitic purification of CaO by electron microscope, Phil. Mag. 86, 2907 (2006).

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Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

421 Washington Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455-0132

P: 612-625-1313 | F: 612-626-7246

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