Electronic, Magnetic & Photonic Materials

Electronic, magnetic, optical, and photonic materials form a large part of the research effort in CEMS, involving more than ten department faculty members. These materials are of crucial importance to our society due to their ever-increasing use in the microelectronic, magnetic, and opto-electronic devices that enable products such as computers, hard drives, mobile phones, and so on. CEMS faculty and students are performing forefront research on materials as diverse as photovoltaic and nanophotonic thin films for solar cells, organic semiconductors for flexible electronics and opto-electronic devices, complex oxide materials for next generation magnetoelectronic devices, and magnetic materials for spintronic devices. The methods employed range from numerous techniques for the synthesis of bulk crystals and thin films/heterostructures, through detailed atomic-level structural and chemical characterization, to sophisticated electronic, magnetic, and optical measurements, in addition to analytical and computational theory.

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