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Transport phenomena is one of the pillars of chemical engineering, uniting the subjects of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and mass transfer into a coherent whole. These subjects also play an important role in materials processing, where controlling the transport of materials and energy is essential to producing the desired end product. Faculty in CEMS are active in a wide variety of problems related to transport and fluid mechanics at a range of length scales. Most prominently, CEMS houses the Coating Process Fundamentals Program, a key part of IPRIME. This program has contributed substantially to both our experimental and theoretical understanding of liquid-applied coating processes since its founding by the late Prof. L.E. Scriven. Faculty research in transport and fluid mechanics also includes significant activity on the topics of granular flows, colloidal hydrodynamics, and crystal growth. There are substantial efforts underway as well in understanding transport processes in biological systems, ranging from the dynamics of DNA in flows to nanoparticle transport for drug delivery to the fluid mechanics of swimming organisms. The Department is particularly strong in the areas of visualizing high-speed flows and microscopic flows, as well as computational modeling. Activity in this area benefits from the on-campus presence of the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications and the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute.

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