Seminars are open to alumni, friends of the Department, and the general public.

Structured Optical Materials and Applications
  • 1:25 p.m. April 27, 2021
  • Dr. Augustine Urbas
  • Senior Research Physicist at the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate
  • Air Force Research Laboratory

8th Annual Amundson Lecture: Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Models for Parameter Estimation
  • 1:25 p.m. April 15, 2021
  • Dr. Daniel Hickman
  • Senior R&D Fellow
  • Dow

Engineering Polymeric Ionic Liquids for Metal Ion Conduction
  • 1:25 p.m. April 13, 2021
  • Dr. Rachel Segalman
  • Chair, Department of Chemical Engineering; Warren G. and Katherine S. Schlinger Professor of Chemical Engineering; Edward N. Kramer Professor of Materials, Departments of Chemical Engineering and Materials
  • UC Santa Barbara

Tuning the activity of nickelates for oxygen electrocatalysis
  • 1:25 p.m. March 30, 2021
  • Dr. Kelsey Stoerzinger
  • Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering; Callahan Faculty Scholar in Chemical Enginering,Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering
  • Oregon State University

Extreme Photonics with Nanogap Cavities
  • 1:25 p.m. March 23, 2021
  • Dr. Maiken H. Mikkelsen
  • James N. and Elizabeth H. Barton Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; by courtesy, Departments of Physics and Mechanical Engineering
  • Duke University

Emergent Electrochemical Phenomena at the Mesoscale
  • 1:25 p.m. March 9, 2021
  • Dr. William C. Chueh
  • Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering; Senior Fellow at the Precourt Institute for Energy; faculty scientist at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
  • Stanford University

Understanding and Exploiting the Splendid Redox Chemistry of Ceria and Its Derivatives
  • 1:25 p.m. March 4, 2021
  • Dr. Sossina M. Haile
  • Walter P. Murphy Professor of Materials Science and Engineering; Professor of Applied Physics; Professor of Chemistry
  • Northwestern University

Molecular dynamics and glass formation of nanoscopically confined polymer
  • 1:25 p.m. March 2, 2021
  • Dr. Rodney D. Priestley
  • Vice Dean for Innovation, Office of the Dean for Research; Pomeroy and Betty Perry Smith Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering; Associate Director, Princeton Center for Complex Materials (PCCM)
  • Princeton University

Leveraging the natural cellular and biomolecular interactions in blood for design of targeted, anti-inflammatory particle therapeutics
  • 1:25 p.m. Feb. 23, 2021
  • Dr. Lola Eniola-Adefeso
  • University Diversity and Social Transformation Professor of Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (UM); Associate Director of the Cellular Biotechnology Training Program; and Vice-Chair for Graduate Studies in Chemical Engineering
  • University of Michigan

Control of Soft Matter with Magnetic Fields
  • 1:25 p.m. Feb. 16, 2021
  • Dr. Monica Olvera de la Cruz
  • Lawyer Taylor Professor of Materials Science and Engineering; Professor of Chemistry; Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering; Professor of Physics and Astronomy; Director of the Center for Computation and Theory of Soft Materials; and Deputy-Director of the Center for Bio-Inspired Energy Science
  • Northwestern University

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