Dynamic Kirigami for Solar Tracking and Concentration, and Organic Vapor Jet Printing for Pharmaceutical Applications”
  • 01:25 p.m. March 6, 2018
  • B-75 Amundson Hall
  • Max Shtein
  • Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Center for Entrepreneurs
  • University of Michigan

Part I – We demonstrate how a simple 2-dimensional cut and fold patterns transform into 3-dimensional shapes upon stretching, resulting in mechanical metamaterials with several interesting properties and applications (e.g. stretchable electronics, energy storage and energy harvesting). We de-tail several shapes that can be used for diurnal solar tracking and for up to 100x solar concentration, while maintaining a low profile of a flat panel, potentially transforming the economics of solar electricity generation. Part II – We demonstrate a simple thin-film printing technique with which we obtain complex molecular organic nano-crystalline structures with dramatically enhanced dissolution behavior and bioavailability (e.g. for small molecular cancer drugs). We discuss how this technique, compatible with 90% of active pharmaceutical ingredients on the market, unlocks new frontiers for drug discovery, formulation, and manufacturing.


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