CEMS Staff

Name Email Phone Office Title
Dak Aldrich dak@umn.edu 612/626-0712 103 Amundson Hall IT End User Support
Jo Belvedere belve003@umn.edu 612/626-9509 205 Amundson Hall IPrime Executive Assistant
Courtney Billing cbilling@umn.edu 612/626-9501 105 Walter Lib. Director of External Relations
Teresa Bredahl breda001@umn.edu 612/625-0154 151E Amundson Hall Office Supervisor
Ted Butler tbutler@umn.edu 612/626-5974 151G Amundson Hall Chief Administrator/Finance Manager
Titu Devamani tdevaman@umn.edu 270 Researcher 6
Phil Engen engen@umn.edu 612/626-0798 433 Amundson Hall MRSEC Education and Outreach Director
Chris Fruzyna fruzy005@umn.edu 612/625-5386 151F Amundson Hall Payroll Coordinator
Gayle Gabrielski gabr0074@umn.edu 612/624-0836 333 Amundson Hall Faculty Affairs and External Relations Coordinator
David Giles giles002@umn.edu 612/625-0880 449 Amundson Hall Director, Polymer Characterization Facility
Kacey Gregerson kgregers@umn.edu 612/626-5762 151C Amundson Hall Academic Adviser
Jenny Harris harrisj@umn.edu 612/625-0054 151 Office Support Assistant
Sarah Holewa sholewa@umn.edu 612/301-2417 151H Amundson Hall Academic Services Assistant
Philip Jensen pjensen@umn.edu 612/625-9075 101 Amundson Hall Associate Program Director
Mary Kosowski kosowski@umn.edu 612/625-4071 151K Amundson Hall Sponsored Accountant
Bob Lewis boblewis@umn.edu 612/625-1269 204 Amundson Hall Executive Director, IPRIME
Dan McDonald mcdo0486@umn.edu 612/624-2557 103C Amundson Hall Info Tech Specialist Supervisor
Devin Pacheco dpacheco@umn.edu 447 Communication Specialist
Jody Peper peper001@umn.edu 612/625-4048 151F Amundson Hall Payroll Coordinator
Julie Prince princ004@umn.edu 612/625-0382 235 Amundson Hall Program Associate (Graduate Studies)
Zachary Pursell purse008@umn.edu 455 Researcher 5
Trevor Sandberg sandb310@umn.edu 151 Undergrad Staff - accounting
Collin Smith smit7379@umn.edu 453 Amundson Hall Researcher 2
CJ Stone stone094@umn.edu 612/624-5763 347 Amundson Hall Grant Prop Coord/Software Sup
Wieslaw Suszynski suszy001@umn.edu 612/626-0895 45 Amundson Hall Research Fellow
Ann Tran tranx047@umn.edu 612/624-5295 151J Amundson Hall Accountant I
Daniel Williams willi037@umn.edu 612/625-4877 151L Amundson Hall Student Support Services Asst
Lisa Wissbaum wissbaum@umn.edu 612/626-0713 435 Amundson Hall MRSEC Managing Director

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