Different C-H Bond Activation Mechanisms on Solid Oxide Catalysts
  • 1:25pm Oct. 13, 2016
  • B-75 Amundson Hall
  • Joachim Sauer
  • Chemistry
  • Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

Two different types of catalytic C-H bond activations in partial oxidations are discussed: (i) activation by transition metal oxides which exchange redox equivalents with the feed molecule (Mars-van Krevelen), and (ii) activation on metal oxides where redox equivalents are exchanged directly between a hydrocarbon molecule and a surface oxygen species. For the former, we are particularly interested in support effects for vanadium oxide catalysts, in particular in the difference between reducible (VOx/CeO2)1 and non-reducible (VOx/SiO2) supports.2,3

For the latter, we discuss oxidative coupling of CH4 on (Li-)doped and undoped MgO surfaces.4

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